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NextGen Kids
Our goal for NextGen Kids is to provide a fun and engaging program tailored for kids of all ages to help them know Jesus and grow in their faith. Your children will be taught God's Word in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment and recognized as special members of our faith family.

Minsitries Details

Thanks for taking time to have a peak as to where, when and how we care for your children.

When you arrive at the GCF Vineyard lobby (just outside the Worship Center), you will quickly see the NextGen Kidz information and check-in station. We are there to help you register your child(ren), get them signed in, and answer any questions you may have.

We request all new families complete a short registration form, with special attention to any allergies your child(ren) may have.

Our pager system:  Any children new to NextGen Kidz and all children ages infant through Kindergarten must sign in and receive a pager. We use pagers as an easy way for us to notify parents in the event we need them during the service.  It, also, serves as our security system.  The pager must be returned to the teacher or the nursery team when picking up your child(ren). The parent picking up children must have the pager with them. If picking up multiple children, you will need to show the pager to the teacher. The pager should be returned to the teacher at the last pick-up. 

We embrace the opportunity to help lay a foundation for children to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Through teaching God’s Word and a variety of activities, we want to help kids discover and develop in their role in the Kingdom of God. 

NextGen Kidz provides an engaging program tailored for kids of all ages.

Nursery:  Infant – 2 year olds

ToddlerZone:  2 & 3 year olds 

PreKidZone:  Pre-K and K

KidZone:  Grades 1 – 5

While nursery begins just prior to service, ToddlerZone, PreKidZone and KidZone children begin the evening worshipping with their parents in the Worship Center and are dismissed to their classes during the service

Scripture shows us children were important to Jesus and he lovingly cared for them; likewise, they are important to our GCF Vineyard family and we love each one.